Director's Statement

It was 1989, October 3rd. As part of an educational tour from my high school, I was in Gandhi Museum, New Delhi. All through the museum tour, my attention was at Gandhi’s blood stained shawl in a showcase. That’s when I started writing Ra’s Metanoia plot.

I am Ram Alladi, by profession an independent filmmaker based in the New York area. "Ra’s Metanoia" is my second film. It took nearly 30 years to make. After the time I spent at Gandhi Museum, I felt like the end was not an end. And I started writing from where his story ended.

Ra’s Metanoia is the story of a timeless legend in an advanced human time. It is about a man who hates sin and forgives the sinner. It is about a “Magic spell of a book”, which rewrote the fundamentals of modern society

Famous American writer and novelist Pearl S. Buck, said

"He was right, he knew he was right.
We all knew that he was right.
The man who killed him knew he was right."

"Ra’s Metanoia” is a periodic drama film with fictional elements to chronicle the story based on true events of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi's life, which starts from the first hours of his last day.

Personally, I feel It is such an amazing experience writing this story and directing this film.

I thank everyone who is part of this movie.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Ram Alladi

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